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The landlord, who had apparently resolved to remain neutral until he knew which side of the question the stout man would espouse, chimed in at this place with 'Ah, to be sure, can't you let him speak, Isaac List?
It is Polyneices who has come to crave his father's forgiveness and blessing, knowing by an oracle that victory will fall to the side that Oedipus espouses.
As a lifelong Labour voter I lament this state of affairs but I, like many others, won't be voting Labour again until they drop the "we're the least worst party of unfettered capitalism" tag and espouse some truly radical policies, getting rid of the cheerleader for the City of London, the shadow chancellor, would be a good start.
Summary: Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil called on various Lebanese groups to espouse "open responsible dialogue" because this was the only way out of Lebanon's multiple crises.
But he charged that "libertarian criticism was not limited to Bennett's designs for the state: many were clearly put off by his propensity to judge lifestyles, criticize individual choices and espouse limits on personal appetites.
Another truism that Sartain and Schumann espouse is the importance of executive leadership in embracing and living the brand.
If you have a story to tell, an idea to pass along or an opinion to espouse, don't be shy: Let Recycling Today and its readers know.
While denying that Ramadan was excluded on ideological grounds, Jones said, "Professor Ramadan, tomorrow, could endorse or espouse terrorism.
The free-verse creations espouse a variety of themes as diverse as their authors, from a transcript of the words of God to His prophet to coping with the knowledge of what one weighs when stepping on the bathroom scale in the morning to a mother's grief at losing her son.
Now more than ever we need to espouse the benefits of using public transportation, and our new hometown trolley will help us do this.
Berlinski understands that taking such a hard line could make her sound racist and intolerant, but the rhetoric coming from radical Islamists--some of whom espouse the full implementation of Islamic sharia law, reduced rights for women, and death for gays and lesbians--requires a strong stand.
In the sequel, Soul Stealer, Pip and her brother Tim, along with Sebastian, find new villains to fight and new causes to espouse.