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Influenced by these considerations, he espoused the young gentleman's quarrel with great warmth, protesting that he had done quite right, and that he respected him for it; which John Browdie (albeit not quite clear as to the merits) immediately protested too, with not inferior vehemence.
But in time the majority renounced these vulgar errors, and espoused the true side of the question.
So he reigned in the room of Laius, and espoused the widowed queen.
But the great attraction was a pamphlet called The Thunderer, which espoused their own opinions, and was supposed at that time to emanate directly from the Association.
But if Tom did make a mistake of that sort, he espoused it, and stood by it: he "didn't mind.
seek to identify the inviolable and admonitory norms of graduate teaching and monitoring espoused by graduate faculties and examine their differences across different institutions, disciplines, personal attributes, and professional statures in order to see if there are core norms espoused across these various differences.
to a virgin espoused to a man called Joseph" and later in Lk 2:5 ".
This is an opportunity to reflect on the deceptive tactics he espoused and their devastating effect.
The paper's founder was Joseph Woodhead, an outspoken and forceful Holmfirth man who espoused the Liberal reforming cause.
Alison Clayton-Smith, who was planning some training on values, got everyone thinking this month when she asked for recent examples of organisations that had done something that didn't fit with their espoused values, and had been 'found out'.
That was the position espoused by the late Libertarian Party presidential candidate Harry Browne, who opposed Jim Crow laws but felt they should have been fought on the local level.
While I have sometimes criticized specific United States policies, I am not anti-American, and I have certainly never endorsed or espoused terrorism.