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It was only to be found by continuous excursions into either realm, and though proportion is the final secret, to espouse it at the outset is to insure sterility.
The landlord, who had apparently resolved to remain neutral until he knew which side of the question the stout man would espouse, chimed in at this place with 'Ah, to be sure, can't you let him speak, Isaac List?
According to Professor Payne, it is anticommunist, antiliberal and anticonservative; it has "the goal of empire or a radical change in the nation's relationship with other powers"; it espouses an "idealist, voluntarist creed, normally involving the attempt to realize a new form of modern, self-determined, secular culture"; and it has a "specific tendency toward an authoritarian, charismatic, personal style of command, whether or not the command is to some degree initially elective.
A thought-provoking examination for the sake of the ideals spoken as well as the political and historical importance of the man who espouses them.
Some of the most damning evidence presented at the trial included early drafts and the final version of Of Pandas and People (1993, Davis and Kenyon, Foundation for Thought & Ethics), a high school textbook that espouses the intelligent-design philosophy.
Please understand, I do not support this administration and the bully tactics it espouses.
A dour, sanctimonious and dull person is no advertisement for the faith he or she espouses.
Sutherland's letter in the Record: he espouses the thesis of Tom Harpur, author of The Pagan Christ, that Christianity is based primarily on myth, up to and including the Christ.
Additionally, requiring one to pay dues to a state controlled organization that espouses any political, religious, or sociological views, regardless of the nature of the issue; or that does anything other than satisfy the duties of government to the citizens of Florida through licensure and regulation is inappropriate.
Impressionable children weeping their way into a church auditorium fully reveals how dramatically emotional is so much of the faith he espouses.
She said, "CNET Networks shares our high standard for intelligent journalism and editorial integrity, and it espouses our vision for the future of interactive content as a conversation.