essential matter

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But he forgot many other essential matters, the want of which greatly distressed Darya Alexandrovna later on.
In the most serious and essential matters," Pyotr Petrovitch replied, as though delighted at the question.
On her part, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini underlined through a videoconference that specifying the goal is an essential matter to combat ISIL.
Tenders are invited for Empanellment Of Advertising Agencies To Release The Advertisements (Public Notices, Tender Notices) By Type Setting In Minimum Space In A Professional Manner, Re-Writing/Translating If Required, Giving Bare Essential Matter In Print Media.
She also invited conference members to discuss this essential matter with sufficient tolerance and flexibility, balancing the sanctity of freedom of publishing with the required respect for each nation's culture and unique nature.
I do remember soon after the government was formed, the then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley promising that strict food labelling would always be regarded by David Cameron an essential matter.
But when Judge Forrest issued her injunction, the government changed its tune, and now argues that section is an essential matter of national security.
It is an essential matter of one's life, as without art life is dull, colourless, thoughtless, visionless and senseless.
Salim bin Mohammed al Mahrouqi, Director of the Social Development Department in the Al Wusta Region gave a speech affirming that Man is a core objective for each care and changing his society for a best one as he is the maker of civilization is an essential matter, which will not be achieved expect through scientific basis, firm facts and theories to search for the force and different elements that hinder the social development and progress.
That is an especially essential matter in economic conditions, when an issue of cost reduction arises very intensely.
I think everyone today considers the question of an adaptation mechanism at Europe's borders to be an unavoidable and essential matter," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in March, using the European Union euphemism for Green tariffs.
The month before, a delegation of "partners" - again led by the city - sought to lobby Government on the essential matter of the redevelopment of New Street station.

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