essential meaning

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I believe poor old Jeremy hasn't grasped the essential meaning of that
The truth is, the marketing staff's most important job is to create a compatible part population; this is the essential meaning of the first and most important P: Product.
They stress that the parliamentary elections are still conditioned by other factors that are of essential meaning for the country.
In recent times, carnivals in the world, including Macedonia, have become increasingly more institutionalized, transforming into travel attractions yet maintaining their essential meaning that "everything is allowed in a time the world is recreated.
Jessica's artwork (distinctly individual whilst also reminiscent of her mother's) beautifully enhances the written text as well as having an essential meaning making role of its own.
Producer and director Papadinis (New England Shakespeare) stopped using edited modernized versions of Shakespeare's plays because they obliterate essential meaning and reduce performability and the annotation is inadequate, inaccurate, or both.
song seeks to define the essential meaning of hope.
Moreover, there are numerous words and phrases that appear in the Latin texts that are not translated, although the omissions rarely affect the essential meaning of the texts.
The true question is why they are in a hurry and whether the project has an essential meaning that it has to be realized so fast.
This new translation seeks to 'free the text from the archaisms and corrosive quaintness of older English versions' and 'to get to the essential meaning of the original'.
Even though at the time the Septuagint was written the two words had not previously (so far as we know) been joined together to make the single word arsenokoites, the essential meaning had already been established in the Septuagint's rendering of these verses.
Because of the primary significance of love, as providing the essential meaning for human existence, the ramifications of this encyclical are far-reaching.

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