essential nature

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He had no active interest in her, and she was to him a pleasant memory of what had never happened, a joy, which, by his essential nature, he was barred from ever knowing.
No one has ever adequately described either in verse or prose the true essential nature of either of them abiding in the soul, and invisible to any human or divine eye; or shown that of all the things of a man's soul which he has within him, justice is the greatest good, and injustice the greatest evil.
Oddity as he was, in outward appearance, the Professor was, in that essential nature which no outward disguise could conceal, a thorough gentleman.
He said Makkah was a truly modern city with world-class services, while retaining its essential nature as the spiritual home of millions of Muslims around the globe.
It soon occurred to me that rugby football was a long way away from his essential nature which seemed so far removed from the hurly burly of bruising games, the shouting crowds, the inflamed faces of spectators whose total identification with teams led from one unreason to another.
One of the reasons it's so difficult is because you've got to deal with the essential nature of the Iranian regime," Bayh said.
The bidder has to obtain information before submission of the offer on the local circumstances, the location of the objects, the condition of the plants, as well as the essential nature of the spot.
Because of its essential nature, agriculture and food keeps going when other industries fail.
It should also seek to infuse fresh courage into the overwhelming majority of peaceful and tolerant Muslims around the world, to encourage them to take a stand and voice the essential nature of their faith.
com)-- Furniture is an essential for any home, but unfortunately it's essential nature sees many people going for the lowest priced option for fear of the immediate expense of things that truly express a design sensibility, or offer lasting quality.
The social teaching of the Catholic Church has long been clear on the essential nature of work for the maintenance of the dignity of the human person,'' they said.
As the essential nature of this field asserts itself, we're looking forward to reinforcing that reputation.