essential point

References in classic literature ?
The essential point is that without seeing her you must believe, confess, affirm, swear, and defend it; else ye have to do with me in battle, ill-conditioned, arrogant rabble that ye are; and come ye on, one by one as the order of knighthood requires, or all together as is the custom and vile usage of your breed, here do I bide and await you relying on the justice of the cause I maintain.
The grandeur of the result anticipated might make us doubt its possibility if we lose sight of this essential point in our rapid analysis of his system.
Albert remarked this, expressing his fears lest, at the outset, the Parisian mode of life should displease the traveller in the most essential point.
Meantime, you forget essential points in pursuing trifles: you do not inquire why Mr.
Did I not say you neglected essential points to pursue trifles?
On the heading and essential points of our faith, there is but little difference among those classes of Christians who acknowledge the attributes of the Saviour, and depend on his mediation.
Experience had taught her to govern him in all essential points by giving way to him afterward on all points of minor detail.
Well, we understood one another to admiration on all the essential points of passion.
His efforts to possess himself of the requisite knowledge concerning these two latter and essential points were, however, completely baffled by the stillness of the camp, which lay in a quiet as deep as if it were literally a place of the dead.
An essential point brought up in the statement was the need to prioritise imports and alleviate the state from the burden of foreign currencies.
e essential point here is to clarify who owns the attic space.
I firmly believe they are an essential point of combating climate change.