essential status

See: priority
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With a wide range of unique properties plastics have earned an essential status in society, making life both easier and safer.
There high roller customers can choose which live fish they want prepared on the spot for their dinner at a cost of up to $300 per plate in what the non-profit World Resources Institute (WRI) calls "an essential status symbol for major celebrations and business occasions.
And other trace elements are gaining essential status.
A survey by recruitment firm Office Angels has uncovered the essential status symbols and gadgets used by the new generation of workers, and they've even come up with a term for this new breed.
Recruitment firm Office Angels surveying 1,500 staff to identify the latest essential status symbols and gadgets.
Johnson's comment displays an awareness on the part of African Americans that, having settled the issue of their actual humanity in the struggle over slavery, it was now necessary for African Americans to establish their full entitlement to this humanity which culture judges not by essential status alone but also by one's intellectual and aesthetic production.
In this first Report of a series on Broadband Access in Australia and New Zealand, the Yankee Group covers the essential status and trends for the technologies being exploited in this rapidly developing market.
The VisiNet SNMP SuperAgent can be installed at the subnetwork level, monitoring all PC LAN-based devices and providing essential status information on resources under VisiNet control to the enterprise console.
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