establish connection

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Captain Bonneville had intended to remain some time in this neighborhood, to form an acquaintance with the natives, and to collect information, and establish connections that might be advantageous in the way of trade.
Submitting a customs declaration, only electronically, is done via the website of the Customs Administration which is suitable for operators with a small scope of operations as well as for operators with a large scope of operations, which can also establish connection through their own software.
Users just need to download a simple application in their smart devices in order to establish connection between the bulb.
the step-by-step instructions for each exercise are fully illustrated with color photography enabling parents to assist their children to develop better concentration, improve memory skills, gain the intellectual tools necessary for emotional self-control, activate creativity and imagination, establish connection between the mind and the body, cultivate confidence and enhance self-discipline.
This year's network upgrade will allow the consolidation and expansion of the Shanghai data center to establish connection with 38 branches scattered over provinces and cities nationwide.
The solution allows integration architects to establish connections between current popular packaged ERP systems and existing enterprise business intelligence environment, without coding, enabling Sagent users to access, integrate and analyse ERP data buffed in proprietary operational applications as in any other data source.
For instance, Tompkins' (1996) experiments in teaching were motivated, on the one hand, by her desire to liberate herself from the authoritarian training that had fettered her mind and spirit, and on the other hand, by her determination to enable her students to establish connections between the subject matter, in her case literature, and their lives and to give them a chance to explore their own personalities, the chance that she had been denied as a student.
Officials said the purpose of the meeting is to build an information base on biological and chemical terrorism, compile possible responses or deterrents to such attacks and establish connections with overseas antiterrorism experts.
For instance, investigators in the much-publicized slayings of Matthew Shepard and Billy Jack Gaither have been unable to establish connections between the four young white men arrested in the two cases and organized hate groups or antigay activists.
LeSeur, like some other cross-cultural scholars, seems to be overwhelmed by too many potential similarities among too many black novels, while simultaneously compelled to establish connections between the black Bildungsroman and Bildungsromane by European and white American novelists.
Yet, writing as an intellectual historian, I question how one can establish connections between intellectual trends without contextualization.
The Global Council serves as strategic advisors and advocates for the International Museum of Women, and provides a unique opportunity to establish connections to the wider global community of women.