establish oneself

See: lodge, reside
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When one seeks to suppress social contradictions, especially those between different factions of the working class, one will seek to establish oneself in a "neutral" position above the combatants.
It was also a time of class distinctions in which proper etiquette could establish oneself as a person of quality--or the lack thereof.
Defining a "superstar" as one who lives every area of life with passion and joy, Raising a Superstar stresses that good communication with one's child is the number one priority--the better to establish oneself as a positive role model, build confidence in one's children, why it's better to let children figure out their own homework rather than help them with it (though arranging a tutor for a field they are weak in is acceptable), guiding a child to look out and care for other people, and much more.
Rather, I confined my conclusion to the record defendant created in this case and noted that, defendant had presented no evidence as to any tingle one of the characteristics which would tend to establish oneself as a member of the "media.
The route to establish oneself in a new world is often a long and difficult one.
Thus, what may have been an effective strategy in the short-term may in fact become a liability in the longer term and, as I would argue, impede the ability to establish oneself as an independent scholar.
The idea is to establish oneself as a victim of situations and change audience perception, in the process garnering sympathy votes.
So You Have to Work" is a guide to the workplace and how to establish oneself for a lifetime.
Giuliano, 48, says they discuss national politics, gay history, breaking up honorably with a boyfriend, how to establish oneself within a community long before canvassing for votes--the kind of vital guidance he never received when he was 20.
Migration was first to London, then after the commonplace failure to establish oneself there, overseas.
Also, availability of similar employment is relevant based on the notion that the length of service should reflect the time required to establish oneself in a similar position, although the employer is not obligated to subsidize the entire period of unemployment.