establish parameters

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Main works proposed and Purpose of this contract The aim of this site investigation is to - establish depth and nature of overburden - map rockhead/ establish rock parameters - establish parameters/levels for foundation design - establish what depth groundwater lies - establish parameters for pavement design - establish the location, depth of cover, size, type of existing services - Determine if contaminated soil is present on site and determine pH, sulphate content, chloride content and organic content of soil on site.
Provided that audit results are satisfactory, we aim to establish parameters for a definitive agreement well ahead of the March 31, 2014 deadline provided in the LOI.
8220;Having automated data allows faster and more effective analysis of the operation, whether to measure performance or to establish parameters for a process that will produce to specification.
The conditions for entry into such a process must be carefully thought through and all sections must be involved in a consultation to establish parameters for participation and responsibility.
In business, tradition can dictate the lay of the land, help determine its appearance and establish parameters that will hopefully nurture that endeavor and allow it to grow.
The Standing Committee on Health Care, chaired by the Minister of Health, Madeleine Dube, held public hearings throughout the province to receive comment on a legislative discussion paper that seeks to establish parameters governing the election of regional health authority board members.
It's not a blank check, but it provides an opportunity to establish parameters and say, 'Yes, this is a good deal.
As a team, we work to define the objectives and establish parameters to help focus the activity while remaining open and flexible.
Speetjens uses it to establish parameters for her discussion of confraternity membership and what happens to it around the Reformation, investigating the validity of Goudriaan's "1520s thesis.
A firm is better equipped to establish parameters for new engagements after the current client list has been evaluated.
The NFL notified Hopkins in April that it wanted to establish parameters for a possible development deal in Carson.
These guidelines identify acceptable and unacceptable courses of action, establish parameters within which a government may operate, and provide a standard against which a government's financial performance can be judged.