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The second clause of the second section of the second article empowers the President of the United States "to nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other OFFICERS of United States whose appointments are NOT in the Constitution OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, and WHICH SHALL BE ESTABLISHED BY LAW.
Every reader must recollect, that after the fall of the Catholic Church, and the Presbyterian Church Government had been established by law, the rank, and especially the wealth, of the Bishops, Abbots, Priors, and so forth, were no longer vested in ecclesiastics, but in lay impropriators of the church revenues, or, as the Scottish lawyers called them, titulars of the temporalities of the benefice, though having no claim to the spiritual character of their predecessors in office.
Participants can not be legal entities included in the register of suppliers (contractors, executors) not allowed to purchase, maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the procedure established by law; being in the process of liquidation, reorganization (with the exception of a legal entity to which another legal entity joins); recognized in accordance with the procedure established by law, economically insolvent (bankrupt), with the exception of legal entities that are in the process of rehabilitation.
The Authority is an independent and impartial body established by Law No.
Captain Mohammed Al-Kuwari stressed the need for motorcyclists to adhere to the rules and regulations of the road, not to drive their bicycles endangering their lives and the lives of others, so as not to expose themselves to legal accountability for violating the traffic regulations established by law.
Quoting the example of the JI spokesman, Advocate Zahid Ali, the statement said that no doubt they had the power to arrest any person without a warrant provided they gave specific reasons by making speaking orders but they had no powers to reject or frustrate any release order by a competent court or judicial authority in contravention of the procedure established by law and fundamental human rights.
Minister of Social Affirs Kinda al-Shammat said the standing Syrian Commission for Family Affairs which was established by law no.
Article 15 of the constitution maintains thatA'no one's property may be confiscated except for reasons of public service, in the cases established by law and after fair compensation has been paid in advance.
States have considerable flexibility in deciding what medical services and individuals to cover and the amount to pay providers, and the federal government reimburses a proportion of states' expenditures according to a formula established by law.
The mentor is to assist new teachers in assessing their professional growth needs relative to standards established by law.
The House recently approved a bill that would fund the PIDB, an advisory group that was established by law five years ago but never actually convened.
The Christmas bonus in Puerto Rico was established by Law 148 of 1969, during the administration of Gov.