established by law

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Minister of Social Affirs Kinda al-Shammat said the standing Syrian Commission for Family Affairs which was established by law no.
IS Krizkom information system is in crisis communication - used as a tool for coordination and support processes to address the requirements for physical resources for emergency response to the crisis management bodies established by law No.
Article 15 of the constitution maintains thatA'no one's property may be confiscated except for reasons of public service, in the cases established by law and after fair compensation has been paid in advance.
States have considerable flexibility in deciding what medical services and individuals to cover and the amount to pay providers, and the federal government reimburses a proportion of states' expenditures according to a formula established by law.
The mentor is to assist new teachers in assessing their professional growth needs relative to standards established by law.
The House recently approved a bill that would fund the PIDB, an advisory group that was established by law five years ago but never actually convened.
The Christmas bonus in Puerto Rico was established by Law 148 of 1969, during the administration of Gov.
A recent study showed that 18 established online stores did not follow basic customer rights established by law.
We question the Daily News giving credence in an editorial to informal statements made outside of the procurement procedure established by law.
In such cases, where there is no clearly delineated standard established by law, the courts frequently reference departmental policy as "evidence" of a duty owed, or an appropriate standard of conduct.
1, 1994, tariffs that will be applied will reflect actual costs, as established by law.
The contract includes the preparation of the General Urban Plan (GIS) within the limits of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis as established by Law 3852/2010 Program Kallikratis, save for the Kapodistrian municipality Traianoupolis (AL Traianoupolis) and necessary supporting studies as detailed below - Study of GIS in accordance with the provisions of Law 2508/97 and technical specifications are drawn up according to IMO Res.