established phenomenon

See: fact
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Globally minimal access surgery is now an established phenomenon, the concept is still in its developing phase in Pakistan.
Real estate investors familiar with the capital investment cycle that drives this sector know very well that booms and busts are a well established phenomenon in global property.
The survey consisted of 1,694 online interviews conducted in November 2011 with adults age 21 to 74 and examined three different audience segments: residents of areas where shale gas development is an established phenomenon, specifically Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas (537 respondents); residents of areas where shale is a newer phenomenon, specifically New York (89 respondents in New York City and 162 in western New York State) and Pennsylvania (243 respondents); and finally, the survey canvassed an additional 663 respondents in the United States nationally.
He added pedal error, or unintentional acceleration, was an established phenomenon, backed by many research papers.
It is a well established phenomenon, but it usually happens over a much longer period of time.
The new dye doubles the frequency of light penetrating it, an established phenomenon known as second-harmonic generation.