established popularity

See: goodwill
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However, diesel is a 'challenger' technology in the alternative powertrain market that lacks established popularity.
Tsurutontan fit the bill perfectly, with its established popularity in Japan and its unique menu and restaurant setting.
With its established popularity as a premier beach destination, airlines are making it a breeze for travelers to experience all that Nassau Paradise Island has to offer.
Despite its established popularity and fine reputation, Prudhoe golf club has to work just as hard as other clubs to hold its own in a highly-competitive marketplace.
Said was placed second on the list in the Assiut second district for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party because of her long established popularity and experience in politics.
Additionally, the established popularity of the Judge series of handguns will sell it to those who've bought a Judge and want a companion long gun that works identically.
With this capability, operators can promote high revenue-generating music, video and multimedia content using a messaging service that has already established popularity on desktops around the world.
Thrilled by her newly established popularity, Hazel soon comes to understand that being one of the "in" crowd, being invited to the "right" parties, and getting set up with her crush don't come cheaply.
online poker's established popularity among poker players;
The established popularity of Phase 10[R] will further our leadership within the card game category, as well as enable us to introduce the game and its variants to a wider audience," said Wong.
Businesses have tried to latch on to the established popularity of these social networking sites by creating their own profiles on existing sites.
uses the power of Internet technology to revolutionize mutual fund investing, a logical next step that builds on the established popularity of online trading.