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Rosenberg self esteem scale questionnaire was administered to the subjects and were asked to answer the questions according to their thought process in last one month.
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Table 1 details the dispersion of the attendees self esteem levels and percentages.
Based on these categories, four common dimensions of self- esteem are drawn such as self- acceptance, self- competence, social and physical self- acceptance, and academic self-competence (Anthony, Wood, and Holmes, 2007; Antle, 2004; Cash, and Annis, 2004; Harter, 2003; Watson, Suls, and Haig, 2002).
Self esteem is the manner one experiences and thinks and is measured by the way one proceeds .
2--For measuring assertiveness of persons studied, Cooper Smith self esteem questionnaire was used.
He found that low self- esteem, dependency and self-defeating acts were significantly associated with procrastination in young adults.
Studies have failed to show that high-self esteem improves performance; although, they have shown that high-self esteem is related to persistence and perseverance in the face of failure (Baumeister, et al.
These differences have emerged with the refinement of the concept of the self and the debates that have ensued as the role of self esteem in the development, mental health and its impact on behavior, present and future was realized.
A therapist is always needed to infertile couple having low level of self esteem.
Scott (1999) suggested that school counselors and other school personnel can play an essential role in early adolescent psychological well-being by modeling high self esteem.