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To understand the import of Wiseman's project, an esthetics must be distinguished from an anthropology of art.
has provided the clinician with opportunities for comprehensive orthodontic treatment using a large number of esthetic and removable aligners (Figure 1).
The curriculum for students enrolled in an esthetics course is 1500 hours (minimum 10 months).
Professionals seeking education in oncology esthetics must be careful to only look for official programs delivered by certified instructors.
Indeed, Homemade Esthetics is exactly what its title says it is: not an academic treatise on the philosophy of art or on aesthetics (Greenberg preferred the less pedantic spelling "esthetics"), but an empirical assemblage of thoughts and second thoughts engaged with over the years and cobbled together in the home workshop.
To forget trauma is to be amoral and amnesiac; to remember trauma alone is to refuse to turn cessation into continuance, to resist the ethic and esthetics of survival.
Just as French reconstruction culture initially held on obstinately to Matisse and Picasso as the ideal prewar or even transhistorical artists, and considered easel painting and bronze sculpture as the optimal objects through which to guarantee the continuity of a national esthetic, so the European, even global success of Marino Marini's sculptures in the early '50s seemed to confirm the viability of an Italian version of that model.
To the same extent that Hume was condemned for destroying the foundations of faith and morality (until Beattie restored them), Warhol was seen as a contemporary destroyer of spiritual and esthetic values.
It combines esthetics, strength, precision, reliability and simplicity in one product to provide the ultimate esthetic solution to clinicians, labs and patients.
This very surprising exhibition marked a decisive change in the tactics and esthetics of Lynda Benglis--presenting what at first seemed to be an artistic about-face.