estimated by comparison

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As a result of the needs assessment is for the construction of a demand expected to - Kindergarten 3 groups of 25 children- Nursery 3 groups of 12 children- Shared rooms, and other technology areasA total budget can not yet be specified, however, gross estimated by comparison to objects about 3 EUR 500 000 KGR 200-700 DIN 276 without property).
Clinical Chemistry: Poster #D-76, Armbruster, "Bias (trueness) of Six Field Methods Estimated by Comparison to Reference Methods and Comparability of Results Within a Family of Analyzers," July 27, 2:00 p.
That's because resources are only roughly estimated by comparison of vast, unexplored regions where the geologic features are similar to those where oil and gas deposits have been found in the past.

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