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To gain some insight into the differing results, we compared the Forest Service and Wilderness Society estimates of remaining old-growth on the four national forests for which the Wilderness Society had done more detailed assessments--the Mt.
The FASB's approach requires estimates of the total costs of providing benefits to employees after they retire.
The report features 2012 current and 2013 forecast estimates on the size of the industry (sales, establishments, employment) nationally and for all 50 U.
If they cannot agree, however, the estimates have to be allocated according to the ratio of the tax liability of each taxpayer to the whole, including any SE tax.
Based on previous estimates that suggested that the ratio of illnesses to hospitalizations to deaths for nontyphoidal salmonellosis is roughly 2,426 to 28 to 1 (1), our estimate extrapolates to [approximately equal to]2,000 hospitalizations and 70 deaths.
Because these results are not based on cohort or dynamic population designs, where individuals are followed in time, it has been suggested that estimates of effect from these time-series studies cannot be used to determine the amount of life lost because of short-term exposures.
We are unable to say what that shift may mean in terms of revenue estimates for purposes of scoring the budget proposals; we believe, however, that the effect would be slight.
On June 15,1992, Blair, who is subject to the new rules, estimates his 1992 tax liability actually will be 120,000.
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System has revised and restructured its estimates of industrial capacity and capacity utilization from January 1967 to the present.
government's value is too large, resulting in estimates that are too low.
This databook provides estimates of IT spending for the top 10 companies in the Japanese Telecommunications industry.
The issue before the Supreme Court was whether, in the absence of a reasonably accurate estimate, a statute or another procedure authorizes the IRS to assess an employer's FICA taxes on tips, based on estimates made under the Service's examination guidelines.