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If all incident cases could be traced to their index cases, estimating the reproduction number would simply be a matter of counting secondary cases.
Unfortunately, the back-fitting algorithm does not produce these matrices, and they are therefore not available for estimating the standard error of the fitted additive components.
If observable market prices are not available, the techniques management uses for estimating fair value measurements should incorporate assumptions that individuals in the marketplace would use.
Marshall & Swift, a worldwide provider of residential and commercial cost data and estimating software for real estate appraisers, tax assessors, contractors and lenders, announces that the SwiftEstimator(TM), an on-line suite of property estimating applications, now includes eSeg Estimator(TM), a component-based estimating tool.
National Park Service has selected Timberline's Estimating and Model Estimating software to handle estimating for construction, repair/rehabilitation, and preventative maintenance for all its facilities throughout the National Park System.
Precision X-DOC's integration with Timberline Estimating minimizes data entry errors and compresses the time from bid to award, allowing contractors to handle more bids and widen the invitation to bid to a broader spectrum of contractors.
VOCs from Sand Reclamation - ESCO's original approach to estimating emissions from this source conservatively assumed that, after molding and coremaking, any organic compounds remaining in the sand (based on AFS Toxic Release Inventory guidance) survived the pouring, cooling and shakeout process.
Citing dozens of scientific papers on portion size in a June 1995 article in Nutrition Reviews, Nestle and Lisa Young, a doctoral candidate at NYU who also took part in the experiment, concluded that ``virtually everyone has difficulty estimating portion size accurately.
Some local and national governments have conducted forest surveys using satellite images, while others have used ground-based approaches for estimating deforestation.
While the use of actuarial estimates also is required for pensions, the methodology for estimating OPEBs is not as well developed.
New Online Estimating Tool Offers Customized, Secure Access to RSMeans' Vast Database of Construction Cost Information

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