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Notably, there are few estimative caveats in this section such as "we judge," or "we assess," or "it is likely.
Work on, sweet love; I am not yet resolv'd T'exhaust this troubled spring of vanities And nurse of perturbations, my poor life; And therefore, since in every man that holds This being dear, there must be some desire, Whose power t'enjoy his object may so mask The judging part, that in her radiant eyes His estimation of the world may seem Upright and worthy, I have chosen love To blind my reason with his misty hands And make my estimative power believe I have a project worthy to employ What worth so ever my whole man affords: Then sit a rest, my soul, thou now hast found The end of thy infusion; in the eyes Of thy divine Eugenia look for heaven.
We have seen that Thomas speaks of an "intentio" as a sensory feature received in the estimative power.
the common sense, the retentive imagination, the compositive imagination, the estimative faculty and memory, and (b) the capacities of the five external senses to obtain the relevant sense data needed by those faculties.
In view of this, we need to have an estimation of the energetic potential than a certain location has, so that an estimative calculus of the annual energy production can be made.
10:00 Program of Population & Development Strategies to conduct, in association with UN Fund for Residents, a set of estimative researches that tackle the traces of July War 2006, at Holiday Inn - Dunes Center, Verdun/Beirut.
3) Custo estimado de acordo com os precos regionais das materias primas (Primes matter estimative cosst in according to region prices).
Regarding the performance of the competition, it revealed that it has always shown to be attentive to the movements of the other makers, through the analysis of two variables: estimative of the number of "packers" used by the fertilizer factories in the Country, versus the number of these machines that are of his own mark.
Early warning, warning intelligence and estimative intelligence directly relate to the identification and forecasting of threats.