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The 700-Series (200mm/300mm) etch system provides state-of-the-art etch and integrated automation processing capability with high productivity and industry leading equipment performance and reliability.
Dry ICP plasma etching can deliver high silicon etch rates and uses a non-corrosive IC-compatible process chemistry.
The 6500 Advanced Etch system was selected on the basis of the unique capabilities of our innovative HRe(-) (High-density Reflected electron) source," said Thomas Mika, President & CEO of Tegal Corporation.
The massive cementite particles are visible with the outline made by the etch.
An example would be etching 120mu m dia holes down to a 350mu m depth, with the etch process being brought to a halt on a 2-mu m layer of thermal oxide on the wafer's backside with very high selectivity.
As the strong momentum of aluminum interconnects continues for Flash and DRAM applications, the Opus AdvantEdge system confirms Applied's commitment to providing customers with the most advanced, cost-efficient etch technology to enable their current and future-generation device designs.
As things got smaller, people had to look for a different way to etch," says Chris Daverse, a SEMATECH physicisf.
Hitachi High-Technologies America is an ideal partner for this development since its new XT etch chamber reduces process complexity by offering a single-chamber room temperature etch solution for these advanced high-k and metal gate materials.
A photoresist is a light-sensitive chemical used to etch a three-dimensional mask onto the silicon wafers from which computer chips are made.
Unaxis Wafer Processing, a global leader in deposition and etch solutions, announced today their latest technology breakthrough allowing device manufacturers to descend to the 45nm technology node and beyond
In particular, IPMS will etch high aspect ratio structures, required for a new bar code laser scanning technology that has been co-developed with Intermec Technologies Corp.
The AdvantEdge system provides unparalleled process control to reduce critical dimension variation by up to 50% compared with any other etch system.