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MEI's Critical Etch solution for Au, Ag, Cu and TiW will allow semiconductor manufacturers to lower costs, reclaim valuable cleanroom space and increase yield while producing high quality results," said Dan Cappello, President and CEO, MEI LLC.
The 6500 etch system is a state-of the-art, high-vacuum etch cluster tool and is used in production fabs to etch multiple thin films in an extremely clean process environment.
A single Marathon 8600 system can reduce cost of ownership for etch customers by more than 50% over conventional abatement methods.
Hitachi's XT etch chamber is proving an ideal platform for high-k and metal etch as it is able to perform low-pressure, room temperature etch, which is particularly effective in avoiding time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB).
Unaxis Wafer Processing offers innovative production solutions for deposition and etch.
Aviza's Omega fxP plasma etch system can be configured with up to six process modules to address a variety of applications.
With over 90 chambers already shipped to customers, the rapid industry acceptance of this new system is helping us make a major impact in the etch marketplace, where the shift to advanced production and next-generation development has shown the severe limitations of etchers that use older technology.
The Tegal 6540 used in this application features the unique dual-frequency Hre- etch process module upgraded with a high temperature ESC capable of processing at wafer temperatures as high as 500C.
The Tegal 980ACS is the latest in a long series of plasma etch systems produced by Tegal for companies around the world.
Dennis, senior vice president and general manager of Applied Materials' Etch and Front End Products Groups.
The Dimension AFP is the world's only AFM single-tool fab solution, designed for both CMP and etch metrology at 65nm," stated Jeannine Sargent, Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology & Instrumentation.
Tegal is committed to ongoing support and continuous improvement of our large installed base of etch equipment in Japan," said Paul Werbaneth, General Manager of Tegal Japan, Inc.