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The 700-Series (200mm/300mm) etch system provides state-of-the-art etch and integrated automation processing capability with high productivity and industry leading equipment performance and reliability.
Dry ICP plasma etching can deliver high silicon etch rates and uses a non-corrosive IC-compatible process chemistry.
The massive cementite particles are visible with the outline made by the etch.
An example would be etching 120mu m dia holes down to a 350mu m depth, with the etch process being brought to a halt on a 2-mu m layer of thermal oxide on the wafer's backside with very high selectivity.
As things got smaller, people had to look for a different way to etch," says Chris Daverse, a SEMATECH physicisf.
A photoresist is a light-sensitive chemical used to etch a three-dimensional mask onto the silicon wafers from which computer chips are made.