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Initially, chip designers and manufacturers tailored chips without really knowing what goes on during the etching process.
Figure 5a shows a specimen with a fully ferritic matrix after etching with 4% nital.
Light creates a small current in silicon, and varying the current during etching alters the color of the luminescence.
While Rembrandt was alive, collectors already sought to possess every version or state of a particular etching.
Prior to the development of wavelength-dispersed spectroscopy on an electron microprobe analyzer and energy-dispersed spectroscopy on a scanning electron microscope, selective etching experiments were conducted as an aid to intermetallic phase identification.
During etching, the San Diego chemists project a black-and-white slide-in the case of these photos, George Washington's face from a dollar bill - onto the silicon wafer through a lens that reduces the size of the image.
Using etching techniques borrowed from the integrated-circuit electronics industry, they can modify the surfaces of lenses to improve their optical properties.
Unaxis Wafer Processing has developed a leading market position in each of its served markets which include: Advanced Packaging, Thin Wafer and Multi-Level Metallization, Photomask Etching and Compound Semi, MEMS and Nanotechnology.
Research Laboratory allows the etching of these microstructures--some only one-hundredth the width of a human hair.
The current Omega fxP platform at Fraunhofer is already equipped with two M0RI process modules for dielectric and polysilicon etching.
a leading DRAM manufacturer, has selected the Applied Centura(R) AdvantEdge(TM) system in its recent fab investment cycle for all of its silicon etching applications, including next-generation high k and metal gate structures.
900 Series systems deliver highly reliable, repeatable results in etching a variety of films used to manufacture MEMS, silicon ICs, telecommunications and optoelectronics devices, flat panel displays and thin film magnetic heads.