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As a result of this process, attempts to describe the relation between the Father and Son became increasingly removed from the divine nature: first in Hilary's reluctance to use human analogies to describe the divine substance, then in Ambrose's distinction between the Father and Son's common nature and their "personal properties," to Augustine's theory that the only way to preserve the eternality of the Son is to deny altogether that the names "Father" and "Son" pertain to the divine nature.
Moreover, by converting antisemitic images into symbols of Jewish eternality, Berkovits was able to transform accusations of Jewish abnormality into affirmations of Jewish superiority.
where Dharmakirti discusses at length sabdapramana and the eternality of the Veda, also does not take us very far ("Dharmakirti's Sprachtheorie: Eine Synopse," in Studies in the Buddhist Epistemological Tradition, ed.
The concrete thing is saturated in the matrix from which it springs, "the symbol married to the object prime--so that a cypress tree, a mask, an orange, a plough were extended beyond themselves into an eternality they enjoyed only with the furniture of all good poetry" (179).
This generally means that tax incentives are used to correct what is seen as a negative eternality, environmental harm, of energy usage.
Does Arnold mean that God, as "The Eternal alone" is "alone" in His eternality or does he mean that God is eternally alone, that He is not only distant but aloof and isolated and, perhaps, even lonely in His solitariness?
Such gaps can never be closed with appeals to eternality so long as the starting point is particularity.
That the dramatist draws on universal sources -- historical, literary, philosophical, and religious events and works -- lends eternality and depth to his stage pieces.
And by this, I think we might be stuck with the eternality of the human in one of two ways.
The Old Testament refers to reviving the man after death (Isaiah chapter 26, verse 19), and the eternality of the human being in heaven or hell (Daniel, chapter 12, verse 2).
Rather than emphasize the fragility or conditionality of God's land promises, they argue for their eternality or unconditional ity.
12 (SUNA) - The Minister of Industry Al-Somieh Al-Siddiq Al-Nour has affirmed eternality of the Sudanese-Egyptian relations.