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This scene describes a dream of Nora's where Robin is "disfigured and eternalized by the hieroglyphics of sleep and pain.
The financier produces history and is produced by it; he operates in his own time as well as outside of history, in an eternalized time of capitalist potentiality.
Its purpose is eternalized in the words of the Lord.
In a sense, the reader is eternalized by his actualizations of the above parties: As readers of Niebla, we re-live both Unamuno and Augusto Perez.
In "El fin" Borges represented this intuition through Recabarren's vision of Martin Fierro's climactic duel, for if a duel represents a supreme enaction of the desire to assert identity and clinch a destiny (a metaphysical desire that Borges would have shared with Peron and the nacionalistas), then the duel in which Fierro is killed and yet survives in the guise of his killer, would become eternalized, by dint of its recurrence to infinity, in a kind of Platonic form of the Duel, enshrining the desire for selfhood as an undying reality that transcends the passage of time.
One can see silence quietly frozen or eternalized on the edged textures of the silver colored moon-lit cliff.
Perspective meant that, in practice, the artistic eye had to be "singular, rather than the two eyes of normal binocular vision": "static, unblinking, and fixated," it produced "a visual take that was eternalized, reduced to one 'point of view,' and disembodied" (Jay 7).
In this ambience, events appear as entertainment within an eternalized present, or as imitations, pastiches or poor copies of past events, rather than as unique achievements progressing towards a higher goal.
In many cases, an analysis of the time and date of the picture, together with information on the various transports of Jews that arrived at the camps, can produce an accurate picture of the precise origin of the transport eternalized in the photo.
Unable to realize his desires of possession in the material world, Marcel gazes inward and sees in the pool of his imagnation an image of himself upon which he gazes endlessly, and for whose idealized and eternalized existence he literally sacrifices his life, bequeathing to eternity this idealized image of the Self, finally and forever found and possessed.