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Here, we reaffirm that we refuse to enter into a vortex of a new interim agreement that becomes eternalized, or to enter into transitional arrangements that will become a fixed rule rather than an urgent exception.
Other than that, his name is also eternalized as the name of one of the moon's crater and commemorated to a bridge built early 2011 at the Guadalquivir River, Cordoba.
At last, this "real" woman not only comes to life for her, but also actually becomes her, the eternalized version of "all that matters of [her]" (41).
Speech is eternalized insofar as its attachment to money evokes an absolute Value that can never be reached--no amount of speaking will produce completion, since there is always more money to be had.
When I interviewed a group of working young women in the private sector in Minya about their job aspirations in 2009, they told me "in fatak el miri, itmaragh fi toraboh" (if you miss a government job, cling to the dust that remains) - a saying once eternalized in old black-and-while Egyptian movies.
CDATA[ Formulating list of historical figures to be eternalized on Israels paper currency is not as easy as the Bank of Israel head thought it would be.
In city of Ohrid, the cradle of the Slavic literacy, the city of the most dedicated students of Europe's protectors, the saints Cyril and Methodius, where the dialogue of the living language has been eternalized, symbolically proving the maxim that we as people should know to speak the language of the others and alongside keeping our own heritage.
Later in his correspondence with Frank, he resisted applying terms like "Jew" or "Jewish" to Frank or "Negro" to himself because they falsely represented eternalized and essentialized categories that were actually commingling and evolving into something superior.