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But, as it turned out, Ethereal was the only one of the principals capable of accelerating in the Flemington straight, and that quality, allied to her conspicuous gameness, saw her through to the completion of a magnificent double.
Ethereal was unscathed but Seamer suffered a sprained ankle.
Ethereal is a network protocol analyzer used by network professionals around the world and is embedded in many commercial applications.
Unlike so many of the local hopes for the Cup, Ethereal will not race on Saturday in preparation for the event, Laxon having decided to give her a good workout on Tuesday instead.
Architect Sylvie de la Dure worked with four photographer friends to transform her Provencal dream house into an exhibition space, where, for example, Mercadier (who was "On" in 2003) taped a miniretrospective of her ethereal reworked Polaroids directly to the walls of the living room, divested of all but a piano for the occasion.
The grinding dance number finds Beyonce cooing Donna Summer's ethereal ``Love to Love You Baby'' over exotic Middle Eastern rhythms and hip-hop beats.
But the dance, set to Norwegian medieval vocal music that sounds distinctly Asian and wholly ethereal, remains a marvel of imaginative collaboration, as the two women seem to sink their roots into the ground while wahing up toward celestial space, like Sufis gone mountaineering.
Trapped Under Ice' is a small run collection, sometimes quirky, presenting a sophisticated textural experience with a rich mixing of silks and soft leathers, mohair with fish scales and ethereal fabrics with metallics.
Indeed, it's likely that the entire genre of video-luxe environmental installation art, characterized by spooky and culturally evocative locales and animated by melancholic characters who are ethereal, tormented, and usually female, has been done to death.
All true, but Edwards' sultry vocals take the band out of the ethereal electronic club world and give it an earthy, well-rounded sound.
Stained Glass" is based on the ethereal interplay of light and space.
Suspended from the ceiling in front of the projection of the lake hung a tree branch, from which dangled clear plastic objects--a CD case; takeout containers--that cast their shadows like ethereal garbage on the sea.