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All those elements which went to supply Burke's liberal theory of constitutional forms which would be a natural expression of national character--antiquity, 'home-bred affection', complexity, nostalgia, mystery, and the spectacle of ruin--were all incorporated into the literature of Thomas Moore, Sir Samuel Ferguson and, in an etherealised version, of James Clarence Mangan, thereby leading to the promotion of a sense of Irish cultural identity which was thereafter to rejoin with the revolutionary republican tradition, with its concentration on the notion of a distinct Irish political identity.
At the same time, its etherealised heaven contrasts mockingly with the con-man's decidedly earthbound machinations.
One corollary is an etherealised, aestheticised notion of Aboriginal song and myth as a poetic that transcends the conditions of mundane existence--a notion that exempts us from having to place myth in context, or explore the ways in which it reflects and reinforces the exigencies of survival.