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In this part, Nie also draws a distinction between ethical literary criticism and moral criticism.
This review first recapitulates major arguments of the book, presenting how it scrutinizes the historical evolution and synchronic debate of American ethical criticism and how it explores the contemporary ethical literary criticism's correction of American ethical criticism.
Unfortunately, the health care ethics area, during the four recent decades, has not paid a careful attention to the nursing occupation's concerns or its growth, and, in theory, research and practice have shown superficial or partial tendencies to various ethical problems that nurses are facing and the problems experienced by them in their roles as the ethical problems [9].
In "Perspectives of Ethical Identity in Ng's Steer toward Rock and Jen's Mona in the Promised Land" <http://docs.
Ethical leadership may influence employees' CSR beliefs through the perception of the employees that the climate in their work unit is ethical.
Personnel's grasps of ethical environment, principled culture and leadership patterns can be associated with workers' positions and conduct.
ethical Consumer co-director Tim Hunt said: "Over the past 25 years e Co-op has been at the forefront of the ethical consumer movement.
Psychologists Carroll and Shaw provide an overview of the most influential ideas in ethical thinking.
The survey examined the performance of ethical funds, conventional non-ethical funds, index trackers and the FTSE 100 over a number of investment periods.
Wiles contends that ethical literacy is the crux of qualitative research ethics.
John Ditchfield, managing partner of Barchester Green, an independent financial adviser specialising in ethical and responsible investment, says: "Ethical investment is a fast-growing part of the financial services sector which is looking to improve standards and make a positive impact.
Understanding the Ethical Behaviour of Individual Accountants