ethical judgment

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But Gass's meditations on the nature of literary creation reveal a highly complex--and subtly instructive--awareness of writing's capacity for social use and abuse, and his topical sermons put the lie to the fear that such a complex awareness cripples political and ethical judgment.
While close attention must be paid to the context within which a sound ethical judgment is made, insistence upon the greater dignity of that context nonetheless displays pretentiousness.
February was a month of clumsy, inept leadership for Mayor James Hahn, plagued with serious questions about his ethical judgment.
The existence of a set of ethical principles requires an intervening ethical judgment process in order to be applied to concrete situations.
Guidelines follow the Rules and assist CPCUs and CPCU candidates in interpreting the various Code provisions, understanding their rationale, and applying them to frequently encountered situations that require ethical judgment.
Members of the military profession should be encouraged to exercise their ethical judgment over as wide a scope as possible within the functional requirements of military effectiveness and efficiency.
The results of this study indicate that female marketing students possess higher ethical judgment than their male counterparts.
First, this study was based on data collected from a single, cross-sectional questionnaire survey and did not trace the respondents' changes in ethical judgment over time.
Although evidence suggests that more education generally improves ethical judgment (O'Fallen and Butterfield, 2005), ethical judgments are subjective.
We have been taught that one way to determine whether a situation requires an ethical judgment rather than simply a business judgment is if it involves actual or potential harm to someone or something.
If Stock means to make a more general point that the English Romantics and the German philosophers after Kant were part of a larger reversal of the respective roles of aesthetic judgment and ethical judgment, then he might have made a more extensive case by citing additional figures or at least by saying more about Kant's notion of the purposiveness without purpose that is art.
Because policies and procedures were well-defined, there were very few instances in which I needed to make an ethical judgment.