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Ostensibly it is merely a continuation of the Ethics, but it comes to treat political questions from a purely political standpoint.
Nicomachean Ethics, 1819; mainly from text of Bekker, by D.
Quickly he learned their simple speech, their native customs, and the ethics of their wild, primitive tribal life.
Tell them what you think about them and their ghetto ethics.
Remember, I am enunciating biology and not sentimental ethics.
As a matter of ethics isn't the man who gives a bribe as bad as the man who takes a bribe?
Like the ancient Sophists, he relegates the more important principles of ethics to custom and probability.
I cannot doubt that the high laws which each man sees implicated in those processes with which he is conversant, the stern ethics which sparkle on his chisel- edge, which are measured out by his plumb and foot-rule, which stand as manifest in the footing of the shop-bill as in the history of a state,--do recommend to him his trade, and though seldom named, exalt his business to his imagination.
It is a question, not of grammar, but of ethics," I answered.
At one time in my life," he continued, after another pause, "I dreamed that I might some day talk with men who used such language, that I might lift myself out of the place in life in which I had been born, and hold conversation and mingle with men who talked about just such things as ethics.
The Muirhead Library of Philosophy was designed as a contribution to the History of Modern Philosophy under the heads: first of Different Schools of Thought--Sensationalist, Realist, Idealist, Intuitivist; secondly of different Subjects--Psychology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Theology.
Why, similarly, do we so frequently conflate ethics and the law or morality and religion?