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This study addresses the need for enumerating specific categories and topics that should be included in a capstone accounting ethics course.
And it can happen because the state requires or recommends that local governments pass an ethics code, providing language or minimum requirements.
Arnett's (1987) review of ethics in communication journals from 1915-1985.
The main thesis of The Ethical Imagination is that "profound principles of human ethics" can from now on be arrived at by a process of "overlapping consensus" that results from a debate involving stake holders which leads to a shared ethics.
Ethics is the base component of the organizational culture of beliefs, agreements, perceptions, assumptions, values, goals, capabilities, and deeds.
A week ago, we said Gil Garcetti should resign from the Ethics Commission because of the appearance of a conflict of interest involving his son.
Voices from religious ethics communities offer resources for recovering language of community and rethinking the familiar grounds of social justice debates in forming an ethical response to the American health care reform crisis.
The ubiquity of ethics in the mission statements of both universities and business schools requires greater scrutiny.
The code of ethics of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), under the heading "Honesty," offers the following:
The Ethics Committee is responsible for adjudicating, monitoring, and providing interpretations related to key ethical issues facing members of the association.
Under the new rules, if a company is indicted, the CEO and the board must prove they directly oversee and monitor a comprehensive ethics program--or else incur stiffer fines and sentences.