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The People's Republic of China (PRC) comprises various ethnic groups and diverse cultures.
In the eastern Malaysian provinces of Sabah and Sarawak, most, if not all, of the political parties depend heavily on the support of particular ethnic groups.
Ethnic hair products have been outpaced by general hair care in terms of not only new product development but also average list price.
Kostov argues that until the late 1940s, Macedonian immigrants in Toronto held a strong ethnic Bulgarian identity (4).
Drawing upon large representative datasets and surveys of studies of ethnic conflicts, Vanhanen convincingly proves that ethnic heterogeneity explains about 66% of ethnic conflict (Vanhanen 2012, 71).
8220;The ethnic population in Canada continues to grow and will be a focal point of interest for companies to grow their products and services.
She urged the government to pass "necessary laws or amend laws to protect the rights of ethnic nationalities," and said: "Protecting minority rights required more than just maintaining ethnic languages and cultures".
We wouldn't be doing our jobs if we weren't paying attention to ethnic media," Chuang says.
Anagnostou holds that ethnic accomplishment is a privileged metric for the national ranking of ethnicities.
The chances for getting votes are slim but some signals on several ethnic Albanian parties uniting into one coalition are appearing," explains Musliu.
The spatial distribution of ethnic inventors across U.
The Maoists had taken the lead in appeasing the ethnic groups and had begun declaring federating units, and the Newa unit was one of them.