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Higher proportions were of the Yoruba or Igbo ethnic group, illiterate and with hypertension and low BMI (underweight).
Only 24% of white British schoolboys gain five A*-Cs including English and Maths in their end of secondary school exams - making them the worst performing of the main ethnic groups in the country.
There are significant differences regarding the distribution of the poor from the different ethnic groups depending on their economic activity, noted experts from the institute.
In response to the institutionalization of ethnic favoritism at the top level of government, other public office holders that the President appoints will also favor their fellow ethnic group members.
A new nation-wide television channel may be created in Kazakhstan next year targeted at nurturing friendship between different ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan.
critical periods in ethnic group life, which are characterized by internal conflicts, leading to a weakening, decay, and sometimes to the destruction of the state established by this group [8].
The ethnicity were divided into two groups: 1) Turkman: The inter marriage of this ethnic group with other ethnic group were rare therefore, this ethnic group can be recognized as pure race.
It says: "White British pupils are simultaneously both the lowest and the highest attaining ethnic group, depending on the level of disadvantage experienced.
Opponents say the proposal is impracticable and dangerous given the large number of ethnic groups in the country.
The Maoists had taken the lead in appeasing the ethnic groups and had begun declaring federating units, and the Newa unit was one of them.
Ethnic groups from central and eastern parts of the country also participated in the festival.
Although the globalisation of migration flows and the removal of prescriptive identity rules and classifications have begun to challenge long-held notions that individuals belong to a single race or ethnic group, change has been slow to filter through to official statistics.

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