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She explains that according to the census in 2002, in Macedonia there are no ethnically clean municipalities and adds that the second ethnic group may total 10,000 in some municipalities and just 50 in others.
KIRKUK, Iraq: An Iraqi pediatrician was released by militants after his family paid a half-million dollar ransom, a senior police officer in the ethnically divided northern city of Kirkuk said Sunday.
Separate drive-by shootings in towns in the ethnically mixed central province of Diyala killed two civilians, police Major Firaz al-Dulaimi said.
PM Borisov said to Izgrev residents he was greatly disaffected by the words of Movement for Rights and Freedoms leader Ahmed Dogan, who has warned people in the ethnically Turkish populated regions that they will suffer repercussions if Borisov came to power.
Summary: NICOSIA, June 03, 2010, SPA -- Peace talks between the leaders of ethnically split Cyprus were postponed on Thursday because of a dispute over comments by the Turkish Cypriot leader about the basis of negotiations, according to Reuters.
He responded: "He cannot say he is ethnically British.
As other parts of the country have stabilised over the last year, Diyala - both ethnically and religiously mixed - has remained one of the most violent parts of the country.
The fund's focus is to identify, enhance and capture value through the development, redevelopment, acquisition and repositioning of real estate in densely populated, ethnically diverse neighborhoods with strong market fundamentals for retail and housing.
The identification of ethnically diverse students who are gifted has become a topic of great concern in the educational arena.
Middle-school students are more likely to feel safer, less bullied, and not as lonely when they are in ethnically diverse schools, maintains a study by UCLA psychologists.
Overall, the acting categories were more ethnically diverse than usual, with two of O'Toole's competitors -- Forest Whitaker for ``The Last King of Scotland'' and Will Smith for ``The Pursuit of Happyness'' -- African-Americans.
To explore its potential effects in people, medical researchers in Singapore analyzed a database of some 1,000 elderly, mentally sound adults living in that ethnically diverse city-state in Southeast Asia.