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Considering other socio-demographic factors, there were moderate increases in the probability of changing ethnicity for those: not born in New Zealand, never married, living in a family with children (i.
Groups who arrived in larger numbers, such as inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Kongo, did not find a place in Ethnicity.
Through such tangible examples, it is easy to envision how we are all affected by the intersections of race and ethnicity in our daily lives.
Overall, black people are generally arrested more than any other ethnicity, not just after a stop and search.
The findings reveal that race, ethnicity, gender, class, and several other variables continue to play a significant role in the legal decision-making process.
We used the method of chained equations with race/ ethnicity as a multinomial outcome in the regression model to impute race/ ethnicity from the following patient-level covariates: gender, age in years, insurance type, diagnosis of asthma, and diagnosis of ADHD (Royston 2004; Van Buuren 2007; White, Royston, and Wood 2011).
Ethnicity is closely linked with ancestry, heritage, religion, culture, language and at times nationality, and territory.
Instead of moving away from the illusion of tribalism and ethnicity, the political elites of South Sudan reshaped the basis of government.
Even now, South African politicians, such as the "100% Zulu Boy" President Jacob Zuma, seek to define and strategically deploy ubuZulu Bethu ("our Zuluness"), while academics provide cautionary arguments about the abuses of history in the assertion of this ethnicity to justify patriarchal domination and violent political conflicts.
The new research suggests race and ethnicity contribute little to baby size.
In Strategies of Identification, editors Walter Pohl and Gerda Heydemann have collated six articles on ethnicity as it relates to Christianity in early medieval Europe, alongside an Introduction detailing methodological strategies to deal with identification as outlined by Pohl himself.