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As such, the dictionaries exercise a very important function--preservation of traditional worldview components that carry the essence of the life of a northern ethnos.
Ao analisar os principios de classificacao que foram acionados para aplacar a guerra que pos fim a antiga Iugoslavia, Jacques Ranciere (2005) chama a atencao que a oposicao entre ethnos e demos ja estava posta entre os gregos e constituia-se no fundamento da ideia de democracia atualizada pela reforma de Clistenes.
when Rome's political power disappeared, these old forgotten peoples emerged into the light of History, each of them speaking their own language, with the old Iberian ethnos being the first, making the land ring to the sound of the Catalan language from Murcia to Provence, from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Aquitaine.
so barring any unforeseen developments, there should not be any concern about the disbursement of the loan tranche," Ethnos said.
The failure of the ideal of manliness is not, however, a function of individual character but of the diseordia concours itself, specifically the "constitutive confusion of ethnos and ethos in which "England's ethnic advantages in claiming manliness cast the Irish inability to do so as an ethical demerit" (14).
This raises the difficult question of how the commons in its traditional garb cannot be separated readily from the conception of ethnos, whose ambiguous role in the formation of nationalism and state-building is all too well-known, and how principled intellectuals might play an organic role in forging a counter-hegemonic discourse of the cosmopolitan commons.
Le ministre grec des Finances Yannis Stournaras a declare hier dimanche au quotidien Ethnos que les prochaines semaines etaient "cruciales" pour le maintien du pays dans la zone, si de nouvelles economies, reclamees par les creanciers UE et FMI, ne sont pas adoptees.
The country is committed to implementing a series of measures and reforms to revive the economy and permanently remove the threat of bankruptcy," Stournaras told the Ethnos newspaper.
Giorgios Delastik es un popular columnista del diario griego Ethnos.
Greek Ethnos newspapers wrote that Greek officials refused Turkey's arguments by issuing a note to Turkey in return for Turkey's note to them.
A case in point occurs in chapter 4, where Destiny (1976), one of Edgar's earlier plays, is linked up nicely with Playing with Fire (2005) and Testing the Echo (2008) through Balibar's important notions of ethnos and demos.
While Greece's partners are openly discussing the country leaving the euro, a poll published on 19 February by the newspaper Ethnos showed that only 19.