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To rage against the loss of a language that entraps one in an objectionable ethnos is surely mad.
But she suggests that Othello, like Shylock, highlights the tension between ethnos and demos, between nativism and legal identity.
In this respect, Europe, inhabited by so many genetically different ethnoi (speaking different languages) is a place where, paradoxically enough, each separate ethnos proclaims itself European, often disrespecting other neighbors sharing the same continental territory.
Ethno-nationalism is a term suggested by Walker Connor as a response to the general misapplication of the word 'nationalism' to convey patriotism rather than loyalty to the ethnos or national group.
Die Lebensumstande dieser vorzeitlichen Ethnos, ihre eigentumlichen Glaubensbrauche (z.
The newly independent Russian government sought to exercise Russia's great-power status in the "near abroad" through a discursive reconfiguration of the borders of post-Soviet Russia according to the geographical location of the Russian ethnos, rather than the current administrative borders of the Russian state.
If, amid these attempts to catch up with international standards in historical scholarship, Czech scholarship is generally perceived to have fallen short in any way (aside from the now evident logistical challenges of rebuilding a solid cohort of historians), it is in failing, so far, to break out of the romantic mold of national history as the history of the struggles of the Czech ethnos.
30) The demos is not an ethnos, and those living in our midst who do not belong to the ethnos are not strangers either; they are rather "cohabitants," or as later political expressions would have it, "our co-citizens of foreign origin" [Auslandische Mitburger].
I think this Romantic, rather sentimental belief in the unity of the ethnos has created an immense amount of political mayhem and misery.
The alert came after a Greek daily newspaper, Ethnos, received an anonymous telephone warning.
RAF fighter jets accompanied the diverted plane, which had 300 passengers and crew, to Stansted yesterday after an anonymous caller to Greek newspaper Ethnos warned of a bomb on board the Olympic Airways flight from Athens to New York.
Flight OA411 from Athens to New York was diverted to London after Greek newspaper Ethnos was told it was carrying a bomb.