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The French ethologist Dominique Lestel concludes that "we have to accept the idea that there is a plurality of culture, not in quantitative terms .
Rather than going into the field to kill insects, birds, animals, and plants and take them home to preserve and study, ethologists and ecologists observed living creatures in their natural environments in order to understand how they behave and how ecosystems (a new concept introduced at this time) function.
Carol Sankey, an ethologist at the University of Rennes, who led the research, insists that horses have "excellent memories," and can recall their human friends even after being separated.
The ethologist Konrad Lorenz had similar notions of drive when he postulated (1950) that some sort of energy, specific to one definitive activity, accumulates and is stored while the activity remains quiescent, and that energy is then consumed in the discharge of the activity.
We would like to also dedicate this special issue to the memory of Spanish naturalist, ethologist and primatologist, Prof.
This call might be used by individuals to alert others about who and where they are," says Alban Lemasson, an ethologist (scientist who studies animal behavior) at the University of Rennes, France.
Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize winning ethologist, had a friendly relationship with Bertalanffy, as we can see from letters in the Bertalanffy archive (von Bertalanffy papers, 2009).
One of the team-taught courses, "Science, Religion and the Quest for Meaning," includes original works by evolutionary biologist, ethologist and popular science writer Richard Dawkins, who will meet with the program's students.
To an ethologist, interested in animal behavior in the field, the game doubles as a nicely controlled experiment, cleanly demonstrating the tracking skill of the dog.
20) Hamilton was a gifted ethologist interested in social insects, which show extreme altruism.
The animal in its world, explorations of ethologist 1932-1972: Field Studies.
Foremost among this group is Richard Dawkins, a British ethologist and evolutionary biologist at Oxford University, whose latest book, The God Delusion, has remained near the top of best-seller lists.