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Ethos denied the allegations in its court filing and asked that the case be dismissed.
The Benelli ETHOS is not just a beautiful firearm, but a powerful workhorse.
Nominees like Ethos are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the internet," said David-Michel Davies, executive director of The Webby Awards.
Although most upland hunters shoot 23/4-inch loads, the Ethos is chambered for 3-inch shells too.
added from wrong " Ethos Creative works with companies including Paramount, British Gas and the Welsh BAFTAS - along with smaller Welsh companies - to provide creative design ideas for print, television and online.
George Pappas, the proprietor of the popular Ethos Greek Bistro in one of Coconut Creek's most stylish shopping destinations, was keen to provide shade for the comfort of his patrons dining outdoors, but wanted to avoid lighter "market" umbrellas commonly seen elsewhere.
nest of tables (left), Geneva tray (right) and (below) Ethos
The trend is changing and since Ethos Consultancy began operating in 2004, increased competition has forced companies to focus its attention on customer service as poor word-of-mouth between customers takes a toll on the brand equity of a company.
In its 'Annual Retail Benchmarking Study', Ethos found that shopping experiences were highly inconsistent for various individuals.
Pakistan, June 27 -- In the new state of Pakistan some were citizens by choice and some by default; the ethos of these default citizens was suspect in the eyes of the rulers, who sought to alter it to suit the new state.
a leader in next-generation optical networking products, announced today that it has acquired Ethos Networks, a high-technology company from Israel, specializing in Carrier Ethernet and Network management products.
James Pereiro, Ethos and the Oxford Movement: At the Heart of Tractarianism (Oxford UP, 2008), 271 pp.