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2013, Studies in Uralic Etymology I: Saami Etymologies.
In this paper some Uralic etymologies proposed by Eugene Helimski and Ante Aikio have also been taken into account (Helimski 1999, Aikio 2002, Aikio 2006), which unfortunately did not enter into EES.
But there are also many spurious acronymic etymologies presented for new words.
The earliest date unrepresented in the etymologies is 1983.
He does admit that there are no words transcribed with fricatives which have plausible Dutch etymologies.
DOSAE stresses that "the etymologies remain unknown".
In the fifth chapter the author relates Socrates' etymologies to the positions of Pherecydes, Heraclitus, Empedocles, the Homeric Interpreters, the Anaxagorean school, the Derveni Commentator, astronomers and cosmologists, tragedians and sophists.
He supported his claim with dozens of freewheeling etymologies deriving various European languages from Flemish.
The complete corpus presents 165,000 entries with 225,000 clear definitions; new words and meanings total 10,000; etymologies and usage examples come to 73,000.
at least the best of new Aryan etymologies for Finno-Ugrian words suggested during the past two decades belong to him (F.
And what about popular etymologies (which we could paraphrase as the wrong true meanings of certain words), whose exposure shows that crayfish have as little to do with fish (from Old French crevice) as Jerusalem artichokes have with Israel's capital (gira-sole, Italian, meaning "turns toward the sun," related to the common sunflower).
I suspect that most of us who teach these authors have addressed the changing meanings of some of these words, however, I learned a great deal from all of Knapp's etymologies.