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A number of different etymologies have been proposed for [square root of (term)]prns and the related de-verbal nouns.
PU *kunsi- 'urinate'> MariE kuza-, MariW ksza-; UEW 210) and PU *mp > *b > PMari *w (see etymologies 3 and 4 above).
The young people mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, however, will have to wait a little longer for a dictionary which will give them sound etymologies of the Shetland dialect words currently used by their parents and grandparents.
2) This practice comes close to the offering of popular etymologies.
Isidore's reputation rested mostly on his monumental encyclopaedic compendium, the Etymologies, which survives in more than 1,000 medieval manuscripts and at least eleven printed editions before 1500.
Each entry is identified by part of speech, inflections, order of senses, examples of usage and etymologies.
In the investigation of word origins or etymologies, it is often suggested that a word originated as an acronym.
Other language sources for bird names are also revealed in concise entries that include the etymologies and meanings of scientific and common names.
The faults of this essay--willful etymologies, an ignoring or ignorance of recent scholarship, the construction of large edifices on small or non-existent foundations (the notion that Shakespeare shared crank biological theories that he had probably never read), extreme tendentiousness--all this, plus enormous carelessness, is the norm of other chapters in this collection.
Year dates are scattered throughout Webster's Third, in definitions and in etymologies, ranging from many thousands of years BC to the very recent.
For instance, he shows how Thoreau's interest in Richard Trench's book of etymologies, On the Study of Words, led to Thoreau's citing of Trench's derivations in his journal and to the kinds of wordplay that we find frequently in Walden, but also how both Trench and Thoreau are directly influenced by Emerson.