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This etymology was, for instance, recently maintained by Fraade (2011), who provides references to others who adopt it.
The etymological analysis revealed common etymology of Arabic in 106 of the sets a common etymology in Persian in 37 of the sets.
However, the Khanty verb shows an irregular palatalized stop and an irregular vowel, so it is uncertain whether it belongs in this etymology.
The lack is very evident, for instance, when they suggest a hybrid etymology which allocates one half of a word to ON and the other half to Scots and then claim that the whole word is of ON origin, as in the case of ellishon (n.
As I have suggested above, the etymology of words in this group leads us to the TEACHER directing or GUIDING the LEARNERS, rather than dragging them.
Though in-depth reporting and community outcry followed, it was that first brief snapshot that inspired playwright Zakiyyah Alexander (a busy writer with forthcoming commissions from New York City's Second Stage, the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis and Philadelphia Theatre Company) to pen The Etymology of Bird.
Cataloging names from the most common to the most bizarre, "Porcupine, Picayune & Post" explores the history and etymology of newspapers' names--names that, by their very peculiarity, cry out for explanation.
Each entry presents the putative etymology of the Latin term, followed by descriptive and explanatory material drawn from Classical authors.
Packed with tips, tricks, and techniques for selecting optimum specimens and properly tending to them at home or in a greenhouse, Orchids to Know and Grow also offers an extensive selection of orchid genera, with each listing featuring a black-and-white sketch of the orchid as well as its genus, tribe, subtribe, etymology, native habitat, number of species, commonly grown species, list of what the plant hybridizes with, and its generic description, flowering season, and methods of being cultured.
Chapter 4 is on sound symbolism and Chapter 5 on folk etymology.
Figures 4a and 4b show how Tolkien's entry (in his own hand) on 'wain' progressed from dictionary slip to its etymology printed dictionary entry in the first edition (1926) of The OED, which, incidentally, to my eye seemed to be a perfect match for the Online OED version.
Then, in 1994, her love of the origins and development of words (aka etymology) motivated her to launch a Web site called The Logical World of Etymology.