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I remember not a word of any funeral homilies but can still feel the comfort of many eulogies.
During the memorial at Johannesburg's FNB stadium, Jantjie stood on the stage next to key speakers, including US President Barack Obama, South African President Jacob Zuma and Mandela's grandchildren, translating their eulogies, the report said.
com Is The Leading Destination For Online Video Eulogies and Social Media Enthusiasts.
Carol DeChant gathers 50 eulogies that mark the passing of Catholics in America, in which we get real glimpses of life's meaning and our own," says the undertaker poet Thomas Lynch in the worth-the-price-of-the-book foreword.
The book concludes with the complete text of four eulogies delivered by Edward Kennedy at services for family members, plus the eulogy delivered by President Obama at Senator Edward Kennedy's funeral service.
CARDINAL GEORGE PELL HAS imposed a five-minute limit on eulogies at funeral masses and banned any references to sex or drinking.
Well Remembered Friends is a record of some of the finest eulogies to have appeared over the past few years.
The second focuses on the normative rules and the subjective experience of childhood, playing off the contrast between didactic and hortatory texts--many dating from earliest times--and the intimate contradictory details supplied by memoirs, eulogies, poems, paintings, and material culture.
Some are speeches given to special organizations that the late Ossie Davis cared about; some are eulogies for people he respected and loved; others are letters to clarify issues.
Over the next year, I volunteered to do eulogies for friends or neighbors who were in need of help,'' she says.
Arranged in chronological order from 1901, when Einstein was first published, to 1955, when he died, the book includes a sampling of the interviews he gave and eulogies and tributes that he wrote.
Well-Remembered Friends, Eulogies on Celebrated Lives, collected by Angela Huth (John Murray, pounds 14.