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They either deploy a euphemism or use technical jargon that nobody understands.
FROM THE CORPORATE SYNERGY FILES: Viacom-owned TV Land tonight presents a four-episode marathon of ``The Mary Tyler Moore Show,'' with a ``very special encore presentation'' (that's a sweeps euphemism for rerun) of ``Inside TV Land: The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
He never married, and until recently it was assumed he was asexual, a euphemism often thrown around by historians who would sooner commit their heroes to a life of celibacy than concede that they were flaming sodomites.
Shrinkage--the retail industry's euphemism for pilferage of both cash and merchandise--was estimated to cost the industry more than $33 billion in 2001," says Leonard D.
Buggery, I think, still remains in the Criminal Code in some measure, but it may have been replaced by "sexual assault" or some other euphemism.
ABC's miniseries ``Anne Frank'' plays like a Hollywood film that comes out in December, just in time for Oscar consideration: Since it tackles an important subject, it indulges in a rather stately pace, which is a euphemism for saying it's a good 50 percent longer than it needs to be.
So you see, the euphemisms of multiculturalism (itself a euphemism) have made bad English into a dialect.
Contemporary popular culture is a euphemism not only for youth culture, but for African-American youth culture.
There seems to be a lot of agreement that the market may be on the verge of an adjustment, correction, contraction, intermediate decline or any other euphemism for a downward phase.
Since "social science" is frequently a euphemism for ideology dressed up in the elaborate livery of statistics and jargon, the critics may be right.
What Heydrich and Eichmann are seeking, it soon becomes apparent to the delight of some of the assemblage and the horror of a few, is a simple rubber-stamping by all involved of the Final Solution: the systematic extermination of the Jewish race in Europe and beyond, had Germany won the war, to be carried out under the euphemism of ``evacuation.
Any fears that this is just one more formulaic PC-bashing diatribe are dispelled on the book's second page, when Hughes launches a withering attack on contemporary America as "a polity obsessed with therapies and filled with distrust of formal politics; skeptical of authority and prone to superstition; its political language corroded by fake piety and euphemism.