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Bradbrook's The Growth and Structure of Elizabethan Comedy, Albert Feuillerat's John Lyly, William Ringler's "The Immediate Source of Euphuism," and Virgil K.
The use of euphuism in the context of an aspiration to courtliness in the two previous examples may throw light on the notorious parody of
Aesculapianism, Euphuism, Heracliteanism, and Cyrenaicism share a set of common principles that Pater sets against the Stoic ethos of second-century Rome.
Ostermark-Johansen follows up this study with "Serpentine Rivers and Serpentine Thought: Flux and Movement in Walter Pater's Leonardo Essay" (VLC 30 [2002]: 455-482) and "The Death of Euphues: Euphuism and Decadence in Late-Victorian Literature" (ELT 45 [2002]: 4-25).
That ideal was based on his practive of euphuism, a scholarly method of writing for scholarly readers.
The US government uses a number of deceptions, definitional illusions and euphuisms to drastically undercount the number of US forces involved in Iraq--including counting only 'combat forces' and 'military personnel'.
Note for example the preponderance Of euphuisms in a speech supposed to be "extempore.
To the enhanced sense of moral gravity such repetition provides (besides the euphuisms taken over from the Latin) are added some dramatic details: the `beris' are entirely new, while the conceivably domestic vitulorum of the Latin have become suitably `wylde' bulls in the English;(51) that the army experienced `grete fere' is also new; and the description of the body when found as `alle blacke and alle to-torne' is more imaginable than exanimatum et confractum.