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At least 55 families in Jipapad town in Eastern Samar were evacuated because of flooding, according to a report from the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) office in Borongan City.
The vacuum presence makes the thermal losses from an evacuated tube mainly by radiation.
On Friday, 17 civilians, mostly in bad conditions were evacuated from Kafriya and al-Foaa in parallel with evacuating 18 cases from Madaiya.
The details further show that 3264 flood-affectees were evacuated from Chachran Sharif, 1028 from Mouza Chuhan, 259 from Bhong and 317 from Abadpur in Rahim Yar Khan District.
As a precaution, officers evacuated neighbours and Army bomb experts travelled from Catterick to examine the items.
clot activator for serum chemistry determination Tube, Sterile Evacuated Blood collection Tube (plastic) with
Engineers were alerted to the problem at Kaye Lane early on Saturday afternoon and homes were evacuated on both that road and neighbouring Church Avenue, just off Manchester Road.
In Pithoragarh district, eight stranded civilians were evacuated by Army helicopter from Milam today.
Five residents from the threestorey house, which had been converted into seven flats, and four from a neighbouring property were evacuated while the blaze was tackled.
Further, 248 violating camps had been already evacuated there.
Summary: Hundreds more people have been evacuated from their homes in Wales after a breach in the dam of a local reservoir was discovered.
UK-chartered flights and boats have already evacuated hundreds of Britons from the capital Tripoli and elsewhere in the unrest-whacked Libya, from which as many as 100,000 people have fled since anti-government protest erupted over the past week, according to UN estimates.