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For example, something as simple as a torn bore evacuator O-ring can result in a deadly flareback
The Evacuator will be presented at the International Tall Building Fire Safety Conference at the University of Greenwich, from 17 to 20 June in London.
For example, after firing you're supposed to slide back the bore evacuator, inspect for damage and then clean, clean, clean
Box 3 Precautions for the Mouth Prop (1,11) * Plastic evacuator tips should not be used for office fabrication due to possible splintering.
As hospitals become increasingly conscious of employee health and safety, sales of smoke evacuator units is set to rise.
Covidien (NYSE: COV, BSX: COV), a world leader in advanced energy-based surgical systems, today announced the global launch of the RapidVac[TM] Smoke Evacuator System -- a powerful, efficient device that quietly filters airborne contaminants from the operating room (O.
f) Dry-type air cleaner with evacuator and restriction indicator.
A high-volume evacuator uses powerful suction that removes amalgam particles and mercury vapor while an alternative air source is provided to the patient to minimize his or her exposure as much as possible.
Water corrodes gun tubes while also damaging breech mechanisms, bore evacuator components, and firing circuits.
Keep frequently used items such as air-water syringe, high volume evacuator and saliva ejector within easy reach.
CAML series compressed air loaders come in six models: CAML-C provides a cyclone for efficient air/material separation; CAML-LPS low-profile loaders for filling bins and hoppers supplied with lid and internal cartridge filter; CAML-LPL is similar but includes a larger external filter on its lid for dustier materials; CAMLM provides low capacity, direct feeding into machine throat or to feeder bins; and CAML-EVB and CAML-EVG evacuator designed for filling barrels or gaylords from a variety of sources including granulator catch bins.
Four Evacuator systems are offered by Vermeer: the E550 and E900 vacuum/excavation models, and the E800 and E1400 vacuum-only units.