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The primary objectives of the Phase I portion of the study are to evaluate the safety of Talvesta when administered on days 1 through 5 on a 21-day cycle, to establish the maximum-tolerated dose and to identify dose-limiting toxicities.
The DM Estimator is intended to help organizations evaluate the potential for disease management savings when administrative claims data is not available," said Anju Joglekar, Ph.
From a CEO: "I don't have a good quantitative answer about how I evaluate the auditors.
Existing service learning assessments are limited and tend to evaluate only one or two facets of service learning, or are slanted toward a few of the stakeholders.
The significant objective of the audit of the allowance for loan losses, according to the guide, is to evaluate the recorded allowance's reasonableness.
A phase 2 study was conducted to evaluate Dacogen in patients with MDS who have failed three or more courses of azacitidine treatment or who experienced severe azacitidine-related toxicity.
Regardless of which audit techniques are used, it's important to evaluate the reliability of data sources, as would be done in a financial audit.
In fact, smaller CPA firms need a way to classify and evaluate strategic alternatives (business and service opportunities) even more than do large, diversified firms.
Physicians rated their specialty department heads "most qualified" to evaluate all aspects of their practice.
Evaluation of Critical Success Factors--A major health care provider with more than 50 locations uses its internal audit function to evaluate the critical success factors for each of the firm's units.
IN USING A SPECIALIST'S WORK, auditors should understand the methods and assumptions used, perform appropriate tests of data provided to the specialist and evaluate whether the specialist's findings support related financial statement assertions.