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A rubric was selected as the preferred method of engaging students in the self-evaluation process because in recent years rubrics have received considerable endorsement from teachers, parents, and students not only as a tool for evaluating student work but also as a tool for promoting student learning and critical thinking.
In evaluating this requirement, there is no allowance for likelihood of detection.
The study that we have announced today, which is evaluating the intra-arterial administration of microplasmin, is designed to demonstrate the rapid lytic action of this unique direct-acting thrombolytic in the setting of acute ischemic stroke.
It includes revisiting the mission statement, identifying challenges and opportunities, and evaluating the degree to which the organization is meeting customer or constituent needs.
Lee, Yoo and Peters describe in excellent detail a model for evaluating the success and total impact of a supported employment program.
Performance assessment and improvement is an approach to evaluating the overall effectiveness of an organization's major functions.
But many companies have not adopted effective benchmarks for evaluating that performance.
TEI remains concerned, however, about how the principles underlying the new regulations will be applied in evaluating the performance of personnel in the Coordinated Examination Program (CEP).
In the last Korn/Ferry study, 72 percent of the respondents said their boards have a formal process for evaluating the CEO, and that 72 percent of those companies found the process to be effective or highly effective.
Construct sound historical interpretations by asking historical questions, evaluating data, and analyzing different points of view.
After evaluating the Mooney scorch at 125[degrees] C, we found that all of the scorch resistant peroxides have [t.

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