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Thomas (1989) and the current research found salaries to be very similar between vocational evaluators and rehabilitation counselors, with modal and highest starting salaries the same and lowest starting salaries differing by only one program for vocational evaluators.
Some evaluators see conflict as a natural part of relationships.
On occasion the need for evaluators requires ACICS to invite an applicant who has not attended the training workshop.
Districts may provide parents with a list of qualified evaluators so long as the list is responsive to the child's needs and the list is exhaustive (OSEP letters: Fields, 1989; Thorne, 1990; Rambo, 1990; Imber, 1992).
Second, evaluators should hold a series of planned meetings with all stakeholders throughout the stages of the evaluation in order to give and receive input important to the interests of the program.
In addition, Cardea conducted extensive interviews with 40 key participants in the accreditation process and surveyed 1,648 individuals, including institutional representatives from accredited programs as well as ABET Board members, program evaluators, commissioners, and ABET and member society staff.
The ensembles participate in a welcome breakfast and orientation, a one-hour presentation conducted by a music educator, a private Disney party, a performance in a specially designed music venue and a clinic with a nationally recognized evaluator.
The contractor may bid higher skill levels than needed to do the job, and inexperienced evaluators do not understand that just because the contractor proposes senior people does not mean senior people will be used during contract performance.
The evaluation plan called for the evaluators to collect data by actively participating in and, if possible, successfully completing the laboratory exercises.
The other four evaluators commented favorably on CIS's proposal, but the unfavorable comment carried the day.
Each subject selects two additional evaluators, one who works inside his or her department and one from another section.
The use of evaluators from outside the system to review school counseling programs is an established way of conducting an evaluation (Schmidt, 1995), and precludes the involvement of teachers as evaluators, which is sometimes the chosen method, but outside the teachers' role (Studer & Sommers, 2001).