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The soil moisture draws energy from the sun, which warms the ground and evaporates water into the air above it.
However, the fact that the lakes seem remarkably consistent in size and shape over several years of data from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer suggests that the lakes evaporate very slowly.
Oceans are saltiest in places where lots of water evaporates.
The sweat evaporates, taking a small amount of heat off the body as it floats away.
The product uses a "walk and spray" nozzle, saving time and benefiting both the homeowner and the contractor as overspray cleanup is unnecessary, since the excess sealer simply evaporates from tiles.
Minus Wicks is a line designed to sit on a candle warmer and release a fragrance for up to 60 hours as water evaporates.
As the water in sweat evaporates, it helps wick heat away from the human body.
But as water evaporates and falls as rain over land, it picks up nutrients - sodium and chloride are just two.
Since the surface's temperature is higher than that of ambient air, the water evaporates.
Sitting in the Kalahari Desert, the water from the Okavango Delta has few places to go but into thin air; indeed, more than 98 per cent of it simply evaporates.
Koch and the other researchers found that leaves higher up suffered progressively from a lack of water (which is drawn upward as water evaporates out of leaves).
The fluid quickly evaporates, safeguarding critical assets and leaving them unharmed.