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At the same time, the very evasiveness and indirectness of Ario sto's political critique -- which he willingly offers under cover of its opposite, namely a courtly encomium of those most to blame for Italy's ills -- suggests just how precarious, inefficacious, and fundamentally illusory such mastery really is.
Her attitude made a welcome contrast to Labour's evasiveness.
Such evasiveness is indeed curious, given the firm's enormous clout on the nationwide bond scene.
In fact, APIA even went to court in Maine to avoid complying with state campaign finance disclosure laws - part of a pattern of evasiveness that CREW's research discovered.
Perhaps this reflects my own bias, but I suspect that this evasiveness on the part of Britain's main political parties has weakened support for them, by diminishing their status as valid representatives of the country.
Objective: The two main characteristics of Dark Matter are its puzzling ubiquity and its omnipotent evasiveness.
At a post-debate rally in Denver on Thursday morning, Obama questioned Romney's evasiveness and said being president means being truthful.
With thousands of foreigners coming to London for the Games, many tourists might be left baffled by their evasiveness and superfluous words with double meanings.
Dick, dubbed the Riddler by Fraser's QC because of his evasiveness in the witness box, insisted: "I don't go any deeper than the car.
However, Israel has responded with evasiveness and disregard and continued its occupational practices in the occupied Arab territories," said al-Jafari.
Since nabbing a couple of five-pointers on his debut against South Africa last year, the 19-year-old has confirmed his undoubted potential with displays of powerful running, evasiveness and a genuine thirst for tries.
In Price, the Ninth Circuit set forth four factors to be considered in assessing "reason to know": (1) the spouse's education; (2) his or her involvement in the family's financial affairs; (3) unusual or lavish expenditures compared with past income and spending; and (4) the other spouse's evasiveness or deceitfulness concerning financial matters.