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Each court has its own style, each negotiates settlements with an even-handedness attuned to local conditions, and each serves its community well.
Williams' even-handedness in her criticism of Israelis and Palestinians will undoubtedly anger partisans of both sides.
The protester argues that the agency's evaluation of quotations was unreasonable and lacking in even-handedness and that the evaluators failed to conduct meaningful discussions with it.
Even the National Post, which often displays even-handedness on social issues, missed the boat by editorializing that homosexuality "is a hard-wired aspect of a person's identity, little different from their race or sex" (April 5, 2008).
Its actions should be the epitome of openness, fairness and even-handedness.
Ultimately, however, a nation can only be judged in terms of comparison with other nations, and though it is centuries too soon for a final verdict, Jeremy Black's even-handedness has provided a model for the interim judgements on the United States that will be made in the foreseeable future.
But Gilmour feels his efforts for even-handedness will again be in vain after firing off another letter of complaint.
The scholarship underlying its arguments, the scope of the direct personal experience behind its examples and evidence, the intellectual rigor of its analysis and the objectivity and even-handedness of its conclusions make it a paragon of reporting.
Far from it; it's a call for honest reporting and even-handedness from a press corps so concerned about appearing liberal that it has started to make excuses for the most illiberal fascists we've seen in a half-century.
De Villiers's clear-eyed examination of wind generation as a renewable energy source is nearly unprecedented in its even-handedness.
Expect no even-handedness, no insight and n the slightest drop of sympathy for a sport either loathed or regarded as fair game by the inflated fat cats of modern journalism.