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People want a president who is calm, dignified, even-tempered - in a word, presidential.
If Fergie can be as tetchy as an old man with gout, Rodgers is as goodnatured and even-tempered as any Premier League manager you'll meet.
Dealing with the Federal Housing Administration, title companies, mortgage brokers, banks and the like for a process that spread out over a number of months was a bit unnerving at times, yet I was blessed with a real estate agent who was perpetually optimistic, and his calm, even-tempered, glass-half-full disposition was key to closing the deal.
He says that Lincoln Kirstein's infatuation with dancer Lew Christensen was a motivating force for starting a company, that Balanchine was not as even-tempered as he appeared to be and played out little revenge scenarios, and that administrator Betty Cage kept Balanchine and Kirstein in balance.
But the winning pooch will be well-trained and has to be even-tempered because it will be working with children, he said.
Chavez named the even-tempered and soft-spoken Carrizalez to the number two job in 2008, and in 2009 tapped him to simultaneously serve as defense minister.
His wife, by contrast, was even-tempered, demure and considerate.
Our dog is a loving, loyal family pet, even-tempered, well behaved and also very good with other dogs.
He was organized, thorough, fair, compassionate and even-tempered.
It shows parents and professionals how to help children access their emotions, whether the child is verbal or not, cognitively able or impaired, even-tempered or volatile.
The young and more even-tempered Beauxis has started the last two games and Les Bleus may be tempted to stick with him.